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In business since 1999, we have been repairing heavy duty equipment and trucks for a very long time. With an array of specialty tools, decades of experience and knowledge, and most of all, the love of what we do.

We service anything from heavy duty equipment to trucks, including Tractor Trailers, Buses, RV's, Fire Trucks, as well as Skid-Steers, Loaders, Excavators, Skidders, Dozers, and much more. We pay special attention to detail, ensuring quality repairs at affordable prices to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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COVID-19 Update

Truck Pro Repair has been a part of this community for many years. We feel we can best continue to serve this community by keeping our doors open for all of the dedicated truck drivers and their equipment as they work hard to keep this country moving during such trying times.

We are keeping our shop extra clean, scouring every inch daily. Safety has always been top priority and will be even more paramount during this crisis. We must keep this country moving and getting supplies to where they are needed. Truck Pro can help do that by keeping your fleet of trucks on the road and we are committed to doing this.

If you have any questions, concerns, or to book an appointment, please feel free to call us and check back here for any updates.

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Working on Truck

Full Service Engine Repair

Even with routine maintenance there is always a possibility of a breakdown. Our knowledgeable mechanics are well trained and able to get you back on the road very quickly.

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Truck Parked

Fleet Maintenance

While routine maintenance may appear senseless, it is much more cost effective. Drivers regularly inspect tires and brakes, but that is not enough. Breakdowns and unscheduled repairs can be expensive and timely. Regular inspections and changing of fluids, filters, belts, and hoses as well as steering and electrical components prevents unwanted breakdowns.

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Electrical components for a truck

Electrical Components

The brain of any truck is the electrical components. Regular inspection and maintenance assists in keeping your trucks running smoothly and efficiently.

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What we offer

Quick Repair

We provide quick turn around times to get you back on the road fast.


Easy to find, easy access for large vehicles.


Excellent repair service at a price that will not break the bank.



All of today's modern technology to aid in the accurate diagnostics and repair.


All of the best tools out, including all specialty tools to get you rolling quick.

Premium Fluids

Diesel engines and transmissions require specialty fluids. We carry all of the top brands for your needs.

Truck in Winter

Winter Preventative Maintenance

The purchase of a new truck can range anywhere from $100,000 to upwards of $300,000. This is not something you want to do all that often. In order to prevent costly purchases, we must keep up with the maintenance on our trucks. Regular inspection and maintenance have been proven to extend the life of the truck exponentially.

Preventative Maintenance, or P.M., is done on all different levels. Daily P.M. takes place whenever the truck fuels up or takes a break. From checking tire pressure and fluids to fuel additives and filters, we do these kinds of things without a second thought.

Once we move past all of the daily and per trip P.M., we get to the maintenance that may take a little time, knowledge and tools. Not every driver has the ability to do these preventative maintenance tasks. At Truck Pro Repair, we not only have everything you need but we take this part of the job very seriously. This is not only a Driver’s livelihood but also a company investment. Our standards are top notch, and we always go the extra mile.

The long trips cause serious wear on the tires, and with a single sometimes costing $800, it is important to keep up on tread depth and pressures. We check the U-bolts, which tend to loosen over time. We go through the batteries and charging systems. All of which the cold weather wreaks havoc on. With the invention of the LED bulb, which seems to last longer, all lighting must still be checked. Any cracks or moisture can cause corrosion causing bulbs to burn out prematurely.

One of the most important systems on our truck is our breaks. We must keep a close eye on these ensuring pads are at the desired thickness and rotors are changed when needed. The system itself needs bleeding and flushed. Bearings need to be checked, and the oil level in the hubs for oil lubricated wheel bearings needs to be checked. Oil in the front drive axle and any chassis lubrication needs to be done, including lubricating the hinges and locks and sealing strips.

Truck Pro Repair spends the time and puts in the effort to ensure your truck will perform top notch for the duration of ownership. Things like checking for charge air cooler leaks will prolong the life and lower the overall cost of repairs. The Charge Air Cooler is located in the front of the radiator and should be checked for leaks with a pressure test kit. They are designed to cool superheated air from the turbo before it moves into the intake manifold. The greater the amount of pressure weight lost, the lower the fuel mileage and higher your diesel expense will be.

Preventative maintenance may seem like an expensive, and even at times, unneeded expense. But I can assure you, if done regularly and correctly, it will extend the life of your truck and will lower the overall expense of repairs in the long run. If you have any questions about what we do or how we do it please feel free to give us a call or set up an appointment for your truck today.

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